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We manufacture and supply chemicals nationwide for the needs of our clients from industrial to agricultural applications.

Our clients are our priority, and we make sure that we supply their needs on time every time. We have the right equipment to store and transport our products with ISO standards for safety and quality control.

Our company's aim is to give full satisfaction to the needs of our customers by giving quality products as well as quality service. We treat all our customers as the most important persons in our company and we value every single transaction we may have with every customer.

See our products and services if we have something we can help your business prosper further.
Sister companies & affiliates
B'NWAN WOOD TREATMENT SERVICES & SALES was built in a 7 1/2 hectares lot in Bunawan, Davao City. It treats wooden poles used to support the banana plants during the fruit-bearing season.
ALC TONGGO FERTILIZER MANUFACTURING is a single proprietorship outfit and was opened with the sole purpose of manufacturing secondary fertilizers (aluminum sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate) for the consumption of the banana and pineapple plantations like TADECO, SUMIFRU, STANFILCO and DEL MONTE (PHILS.). This is also used in the water district to bring down the suspensions in water.